How to Get Over a Breakup Fast (Like Taylor Swift)


how to get over a breakup fast

When a relationship ends, you just want to know how to get over a breakup fast.

Imagine it’s a beautiful fall afternoon. The autumn leaves are falling, and everything is so orange. However, the chilly wind sweeping the air reminds you of something even more chilling—winter is coming. Winter, the time when it’s no good to be single. One, all of the silly Christmas parties basically require you to have a date. And two, who is going to cuddle and watch cheesy movies by the fire with you?

Now picture that same fall afternoon, and realize that the last glimpse of life for the year is passing you by. You’re now single, for better or worse. You want to be just like Taylor Swift—write a song, put a track behind it, sing, and move on to the next guy 😉

Of course, there might be some chocolate or wine in there somewhere too.

Now, if you want to learn how to get over a breakup fast (with as little pain as possible!), pay close attention…

The 5 Steps on How to Get Over a Breakup Fast (Like Taylor Swift)

It does seem that Taylor just bounces back right away—doesn’t it? Sure, she writes her sad song about the relationship and what a jerk he is, but how’s she do it so quickly? It’s usually just a matter of days before she ends up posting pictures with her new beau.

Obviously, TSwift is an artist and has a process and passion that helps her to coup with her breakups. And sure, flashbacks might happen and manifest in even more songs, but for the most part she seems to bounce right back from a breakup in a blink of an eye.

#1: Get Out What Needs To Get Out


They say that to break an addiction the first step you need to take is to admit! While this might be a little bit drastic, it is important to sit down and get it out. 

Whether it means having a good cry in the shower, keeping a journal, or just screaming and punching a pillow repeatedly—find an outlet to just put your thoughts and hardships in to. You’ll feel much better afterwards.

Of course, having some sort of artistic outlet (such as songwriting) can help accelerate this process. Many of the best artists throughout history have been inspired in one way or another by art. Even though love is painful, it can also be one of the brightest suns to burn passion within somebody. Channeling that energy into an outlet can produce amazing results—you just have to learn how.

#2: Find A Passion


After a breakup, there’s rarely a better time to throw yourself into something new. A project you’ve been procrastinating on, work, or even just a new hobby.

How about that new blog you’ve been telling yourself you’d do for the last year?

Perhaps learning some new recipes to impress a new guy with.

Finally losing those three stubborn pounds your ex was always bugging you about—make him rue the day!

The point is, you should find yourself something to throw yourself into simply to distract you. When those autumn days are getting shorter and shorter and the winter blues are coming on….

…having something new to be passionate about will cheer you right up!

#3: Take Little Steps Forward


Too many of us view breakups as a sign of something ending. A simple mindset shift can allow you to view it the other way. It’s something new being born. A new you! You have a new freedom to now become whoever you want to be.

It’s easy to get caught up in huge goals. Let’s say you’ve been wanting to write a best-selling novel. But how will you write that novel if you haven’t even written the opening paragraph?

Take little baby steps every day and you will be shocked at how much you might be able to achieve in the next year 🙂

Those thirty minutes a day on your lunch of writing your novel (assuming you can write 500 words—the first 681 words of this article were written in 22 minutes!) could result in having 182,500 words at the end of the year. That’s 608 pages!

Don’t overwhelm yourself with trying to do too much right after a breakup. Instead, focus on tiny achievable goals that don’t take too much energy away from you. Keep perspective on how long it has been and look at how much you achieve over time!

#4: Lean on Friends + Reconnect


It’s natural to see less and less of your friends and family as a relationship progresses. Sadly, we’re almost all guilty of this! But don’t worry. True friends will tease you a bit and want to reconnect. Hopefully they will be there for you, too. And if they aren’t, they weren’t good friends to begin with.

Reconnect with your friends and family—this will help you with getting over a breakup quickly.

#5: Present The New You to the World


Of course, eventually you’re going to get back out there in the world!

Hopefully though, this won’t be right away. The hobbies and other outlets we’re discussed in this post will allow you to build yourself into a better person. This will make you an even more confident and attractive person as you re-enter the dating world (but not too soon, please!).

You’ll likely be amazed at how far you have come and how people view you. The old breakup will be so far out of your mind. You won’t believe how far you made it since that chilly autumn day.

And isn’t that all you can ask for? 🙂

Talk soon,


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