13 Stunning Marriage Proposal Ideas You Wish Your Boyfriend Would Use on You


Pop the question. Get down on one knee. Ask for her hand in marriage. Call it what you want, but a proposal is one of those things a girl remembers for a lifetime (as either, “OMG, this was the most beautiful moment of my existence”, or “Ugh, what a freak, why would he propose so soon”, or anything in between). And admit it, you have probably fantasized about it quite a lot. I mean, it is great to be a driven, self-sufficient woman, but a dash of romance never hurt nobody. So here is a handy list of 13 fawn-worthy marriage proposal ideas that will have you daydreaming about your boo on one knee.

Dinner Proposal

While there are some amazingly creative ways your man could pop the question, a traditional dinner date followed by a beautiful proposal is hard to beat. Rose petals, live music, a photographer or just a simple outing at your favourite place, followed by that sweet, sweet ‘Will you be my wife?’ — there is something lovely about this somewhat cliché of a romance .

Having him on one knee, in a beautiful suit as people around your clap and cheer will never not be an unforgettable moment. Of course, the heavenly meal and champagne might help lean the odds in favour of that ‘Yes!’.

Another thing that makes post-dinner date proposals so awesome is that they are so versatile. For a pair of adorkable if slightly asocial lovers, it could be just them, twinkle lights and a home-cooked meal. For those fancy ladies out there — a moonlit terrace at a five-star restaurant.

It will never a be a quirky, original proposal like some of the others on this list, but it is still what a lot of us dreamed of since we were little girls.

A Seasonal Proposal

Depending on the time of the year, there are some amazingly cute ways your fiancé-to-be could incorporate the season into his proposal.

Check out these adorable carved pumpkins that would make Halloween extra special (and spooky for those gals out there that have a fear of commitment).. Speaking of grim and spooky, there are also those zombie-themed proposals…

…and even the somewhat creepy option of a casket-shaped box.

And then of course, the most romantic season of them all – Christmas time. There are countless dreamy scenarios, involving a holiday tree and a ring. There is even a TV movie on that — the 2008 ‘A Christmas Proposal’. If that does not tell you how popular proposals during the festive season truly are, I don’t know what will.

For one particularly cute Christmas proposal, check-out Kacie’s story over at Bridal Musings. As her long-term boyfriend dropped her at the airport for a holiday season at her parents’ house, she was somewhat disenchanted by the lack of gift or even acknowledgment of the fact that they would be spending Christmas apart. However, as it turned out, there was an extra stocking-stuffer for her this year — that little box with a diamond ring.

And soon enough her sweetheart appeared, too. There is even a video of all that — a genuine home video that will have you in tears in no time.

Treasure Hunt Proposal

Some proposals are simple, some are so elaborate that they will have you endeared but also extremely entertained. A scavenger hunt is a pretty fun activity in itself, but if it ends with your beau on one knee? Best day of your life, I guarantee it. Which happened to this lucky lady and the whole story will make you envy her so much. The groom-to-be gets extra points since he customized the experience and even included a visit to a nail salon as one of the stops. I mean, if he is so thoughtful as to make sure you have the perfect mani to match that perfect ring, marry him already.

Disney Themed Proposal

Because we all love Disney, don’t we? Well, most of us anyways.

Disney-themed proposals remind you that every girl is a princess living her fairytale. The classic one, at Cinderella’s Castle, is great. But then, how about this one guy paired it up with the treasure hunt idea. Inside Disneyland! How cool is that for Disney fanatics?

But if a trip to Orlando is not your thing, how about this gorgeous Beauty and the Beast setup? Or the YouTuber that combined all the things his girl loves in one Mickey-dances-to-Michael-Jackson performance, turned proposal.

Harry Potter Themed

Harry Potter proposals come in so many different forms. This dude pulled an epic Nerf gun fight with Harry Potter theme (and he was not even a fan of the series, which makes it even cuter). A scavenger hunt can also incorporate a little magic. Or it can be as simple as hiding the ring inside the book itself — specifically the Inbreakable Vow chapter from Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince. The options are endless and true Potterheads will never say no.

Pizza Proposal

Honestly, is there even need to explain that? You love him and you love pizza, so it’s really just natural. And even though a pizza proposal might not be fancy enough for the more traditional babes out there, you can’t imagine how common and cute they are. They also have a lot of surprise-potential. Yes, we are totally just chilling with delivery pizza and some Netflix. Here’s to a Netflix and chill with quite a twist!

Pet Proposal

They call them puppy eyes for a reason, just saying. Can you imagine saying anything but hell, yeah! to that pup? But it does not have to be limited to dogs either. Cat ladies will be delighted to marry that special gentlemen if the proposal came with this adorable fur ball. Then there is the famous dolphin proposal (see the video and sigh) that inspired quite a lot of memes, so… Another perk I guess?

Marriage Proposal Ideas: Flash Mobs

True, flash mobs might be a little too 2012 for your taste and a very public proposal is not everyone’s cup of tea, but you can’t deny how amazing they get. Check out this dude that had his girlfriend help choreograph the whole thing and she never knew it was all for her.

Another one got on one knee after a hip hop flash dance in the middle of Times Square. Which is impressive even for the lengths he had to go to to put the thing together logistically. If you get as deep into YouTube proposal videos as I do (and hey, no shame, the time you enjoy spending is never wasted) you will notice there is a particularly common song they use for those flash mobs – Marry You by Bruno Mars. So if you are looking for a soundtrack for that cookies-and-planning-my-future-wedding time, definitely start with this one.

Marriage Proposal Ideas: Get The Kids!

Since we are on the topic of adorable proposals captured on video, how about those sweeties that helped their teacher’s boyfriend pop the question? Watch them they giggle and sing and are just all around impossibly cute. If it seems a little too familiar, it is because there was a similar scene in Ben Stiller’s classic cheesy comedy ‘Meet the Fockers’. However, that does not really take away much of the sheer awesomeness of the whole thing.

“Last Minute Office Meeting Proposal”

The 1st graders I mentioned earlier are amazing and all, but what if you work an office job? You can’t exactly expect the same aww effect with your co-workers singing to you. Do not get me wrong, you might have a bunch of cool colleagues, but the singing thing? You get that every birthday. Yes, well, imagine having your guy arrange for a special super urgent last-minute meeting. And then it turns out you are meeting him, and not some big boss. Talk about a pleasant surprise!

The Marriage Proposal Ideas Painted on a Wall

This bride got her proposal in the form of a bedroom wall, that had ‘Will you marry me?’ on it. Funny part is, she did not realize what it was at first, since he asked her to check out the wall he had had to re-sand and it took her a little to even see the mural. Of course, that made for a great background for those engagement photos and how cool is it to have it in your home as a huge and beautiful memento of the day he popped the question?

The Coffee Proposal

marriage proposal ideas

If in doubt, less is more. This general life rule applies to proposals as well. Any simple and romantic girl will appreciate getting a breakfast in bed with her coffee in a special little mug. Or this one, where you certainly don’t see it coming…until it does.

The Long Distance Proposal

Not all relationships involve daily rendezvous. Military, going away to study abroad, a job opportunity in a different city — there are plenty of things that can put some physical distance between you, making a traditional proposal impossible. But if you have ever been doing long distance, you know the excitement of receiving a care package from your love. And what if it contained a ring? On second thoughts, it might not be a diamond, since those might cause some problems, especially if the packet is crossing a border. In any case, it will make that box of goodies even more special.

Marriages don’t always last forever. Memories usually do. But whether he turns out to be your prince, or just one of the frogs, dream on, the right one is coming and the once he does propose, your story will be the only proposal story you will need.

Good luck! 🙂

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